No Knock List

The Township Clerk’s Office maintains a “No Knock List” in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 118 Peddling and Soliciting of the Township Code. All residents of the Township of East Hanover may register their name, address and/or unit/apartment number to be placed on the “No Knock List,” indicating that they do not want peddlers, panhandlers or solicitors to approach their homes and/or seek personal contact with the occupants of the registered home. It shall be unlawful for any peddler, panhandler or solicitor to approach/or seek personal contact with the occupants there if that residence is registered on the “No Knock List.” Registration on the “No Knock List” shall expire five (5) calendar years following the end of the calendar year of registration unless renewed accordingly.

Registration with the Township is required to canvas, solicit, peddle or hawk on the public streets or highways or upon other public lands; call from house to house or from door to door soliciting money, selling, causing to be sold, offering for sale or taking orders for present or future delivery of merchandise of any description whatsoever; or go from door to door for the purpose of obtaining contributions, orders, subscriptions, making canvasses or surveys, or other solicitation. A copy of the “No Knock List” shall be provided to all persons or organizations required to register. Anyone violating this subsection shall be subject to the penalties.

Any persons representing organizations sponsored by the Township of East Hanover; candidates for election to any municipal, County, State or national office, candidates for election to any board of election, and persons assisting such individuals for election; and, any civic organization, while soliciting in uniform, are exempted from this section. Also exempt are all persons engaged in religious proselytizing, political speech or the distribution of political pamphlets.

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