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Did you know that before you cut down any trees on your property you need a Tree Removal Permit.

Did you know that before you make changes to your driveway you need a Driveway Permit.


Town Council Meetings will be broadcast on Verizon FIOS Channel 45, and Cablevision Channel 21, Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 4pm.


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Environmental Resource Inventory Update June 2013

Keeping Food Safe After a Natural Disaster or Power Outage

2014 Water Quality Report

Solutions to Stormwater Pollution

Whippany River Watershed Action Committee


Posted: 11/25/14

Merry Christmas 


Santa's Mailbox

Santa's mailbox will be placed outside the town library from December 8th to December 19th. Please make sure a return address is on the letter you send.

Happy Hanukkah


Posted: 11/5/14

Leaf Collection Schedule

The Department of Public Works will begin collecting leaf bags starting October 27 until December 12, 2014. Leaves must be placed curbside in brown biodegradable bags ONLY. Residents may also drop bags of leaves off at the Recycling Center. For your convenience, starting October 27th until December 6th the Center will be open Monday — Friday 8am–3:30pm & Saturday 8am - 4pm. Please DO NOT include grass clippings, brush, rocks, trash, construction materials, etc. with the leaves. Bags that have any of these materials mixed with the leaves WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.
Place bags curbside for pick up. Do not place bags behind obstacles such as; vehicles, trees, etc. Bags should not be placed in the street, gutter, or any drainage way. This will obstruct the flow of storm water runoff when it rains.

Monday - River Road and all streets east of River Road.
Tuesday - All streets between River Road and Ridgedale Ave. From Route 10 to Eagle Rock Avenue.
Thursday - Ridgedale Avenue and all streets west of Ridgedale Avenue from Route 10 to Edgemount Drive including Phyldan Road, Pollis Drive and Tuttle Avenue.
Friday - Route 10 and all streets south of Route 10.

Posted: 10/28/14

Coyote Information

Posted: 09/02/14

Town Council Meeting 11/10/14

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